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Global Club Music Network at Womex 14, Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela

From the World Music conference WOMEX, we unite with the DJ collective, Global Club Music Network for an outdoor solar disco amongst music shakers and makers.

ribeira sacra

Gathering by the Sacred Riverside

Ribeira Sacra, Galicia

In rural Galicia, there exists a land of steep river canyons, dense forests and ancient terraced vineyards. Hidden within this sacred riverside, there exists a stone temple. Musicians from all 4 directions unite to make the walls of this temple resonate in sound once again.

Miguel Hiroshi & Joaquín Sánchez

Miguel Hiroshi & Joaquín Sánchez

Vivencia Dehesa

Two musicians uniting after 12 years a part on a farm uniting its efforts with the natural systems of this incredibly diverse environment. Percussion and wind instruments exploring a musical reunion on this farm exploring groudbreaking techniques in regenerative and sustainable agriculture.

Rueda medicinal

Milo Ke Mandarini + Baldosa Flotante = Transeuntes

Rueda Medicinal, Gredos

A sacred musical offering from a sacred stone medicine circle. Two streams united by the sun, separated by the night. Sunset stream with the two groups separately. Sunrise stream brings them together as Transeuntes.


Eulian and Chef Martin Goldman

Ecopangea, Valverde de la Vera

The Iberian folk quartet from Madrid, EULIAN, live from the environmental accommodation EcoPangea. Special guest, chef Martin Goldman, cooking local organic products alongside the musicians making this a live set of Music, Food and Nature!

El Tamborero Embrujao & Guacamayo Tropical

El Tamborero Embrujao & Guacamayo Tropical

El Cielo de la Vera

The son of Petrona Martínez, Alvaro Llerena Martínez, brings Afro-Colombian magic to La Vera in western Spain. Along with the DJs of Guacamayo Tropical, this stream should shake your hips wherever you may be.

paisajes invisibles

Paisajes invisibles

Casavieja, Ávila

A video stream of a live improvised performance of a cellist, a harpist, a DJ and a video jockey that took place late night on Saturday at the Tunkashila festival in the Sierra de Gredos.


Darren Sangita & Dubsahara from Festival Tunkashila

Casavieja, Ávila

Two afternoon DJ sets at the holistic healing music festival Tunkashila tucked away in the forests of the Sierra de Gredos with special appearance of aerial dancer Kerri Melzer.

Amir-John Haddad

Amir-John Haddad

Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid

Follow us to our visit with Amir-John Haddad in the mountains of the Monastery del Escorial, northwest of Madrid. The Palestinian-Colombian musician, who played with Radio Tarifa for 10 years, offered us a set from the mountains he currently calls home.



Valdemanco, Madrid

Hispanistan from Sierra El Torcal, Málaga

Hispanistan from Sierra El Torcal, Málaga

Sierra del Torcal, Málaga (Spain)

Join us for a live music and nature audiovisual exploration of the magical mountains of El Torcal with Granada based band, HISPANISTAN and their meditterannean roots jazz infused quartet.

Ecohuertos Parque Alamillo, Sevilla

Ecohuertos Parque Alamillo, Sevilla

Ecohuertos Parque Alamillo, Sevilla

International DJ line up inaugurating this urban orchard project in Seville, Spain. We were proud to use our solar sound system to help this project that is transforming an abandoned urban space into an edible community gathering space.

Perdiz Tropical v8

Perdiz Tropical V8

Sacromonte, Granada

Our very first stream with a blasting line up of DJs from the 8th edition of the Perdiz Tropical. An event that takes place in the mountains above Granada. What was to be a small gathering turned out to be quite a party.