Wapapura Recordings

Wapapura records albums in natural settings or culturally significant locations where the environment plays a major role in the recording sessions.

We travel with our mobile solar powered recording studio and set up a recording environment that allows musicians the opportunity to record in communication with a beautiful natural acoustic setting.

The albums available on our site are linked with an environmental non-profit that benefits from the donations made for the downloading of the music.


Non-profit Partners

Here you will find the non-profit organizations with whom we have created partnerships with that will be benefitting from the downloads of our albums. We have chosen these organizations because we have direct relationships with each and have established which of their projects the money from the musical donations will go towards. Visit their individual pages to find out more information about their work and where the donations will be going.

  • Fundación Raíces Vivas

    Fundación Raíces Vivas

    Raices Vivas is a foundation based out of Bogotá and works in the area of the Amazonian Trapezoid of Colombia. This is the area where Colombia, Peru and Brazil share a border on the Amazon river. They mostly work in the area around Puerto Nariño and with the Ticuna, Yagua and Cocama indigenous communities.


  • Tarahumara Relief Fund

    Tarahumara Relief Fund

    Tarahumara Relief Fund was created by Romayne Wheeler. A concert pianist who spends much of the year performing concerts around the world to benefit the Tarahumara indigenous people with whom he lives.



  • Earthtrain – Junglewood

    Earthtrain – Junglewood

    Earth Train is a U.S.-federally-tax-exempt and not-for-profit international organization with bases in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the Republic of Panama whose mission is to support the growth of leadership in a new generation with a focus on environmental and cultural renewal.