Wapapura is about creating a respectful relationship with the Earth and her resonant spaces through the power of Music.
Our goal is the engage the acoustic potential of natural, sacred and historic spaces with musical performances for on-site audiences or virtual audiences that can watch online from anywhere in the world.

Wapapura uses a mobile sound system and audio/visual studio that is specifically tailored to offer artists and producers the opportunity to present and record in natural locations and ancient sites with enriched acoustics.
The mobile studio can be used to present, record and live stream events in remote and inaccessible locations with minimal impact to the environment by using solar and battery powered equipment.

We use modern technology to connect humans to Nature through artistic expression instead of moving further away from her.



Since the summer solstice of 2007, we have been offering musicians the chance to play and record their music in remote natural locations and support environmental projects while doing so.  We have recorded 7 albums in different locations around Andalucia, Spain and one in the Colombian Amazon Rainforest.  We have also offered many concerts and DJ sessions with our sound system around southern Spain. Including the first ever, solar powered concert of Colombia, in the botanical gardens of Bogotá.

We are currently producing solar powered dance events in the hills outside of Granada along with curating and recording concerts in the 12th century Benedictine Santa Cristina Monastery in Galicia, Spain.



Using newly available technology for the private sector; we now invite the whole world to join our events as they happen via the internet.

Wapapura has created an Internet TV channel to connect the world to natural locations and environmental projects with music.  Our live streams are nature documentaries with on-location interviews and live music.



Wapapura up to now was funded entirely by the support of private donors. This funding source allowed us to offer our services to artists for free. We are currently searching for more funding sources as our current source is no longer able to support us.
If you would like to support what we do, please be in touch so we can continue to do our work at no expense to the artists. We have a 501c3 partnership for tax-deductible donations done within the United States.

Solar energy is not enough, we also need human support to keep this alive.  Thank you.



Wapapura is currently offering the following services for a fee:

(We are currently located in Granada, Spain so all budgets will be based on departure from here)

  • Audio/visual recording of events in natural or acoustically enriched environments
  • Solar powered sound system for events in natural areas or areas with no connection to the electrical grid
  • Assistance in curating events in natural locations, sacred spaces or acoustically challenging environments
  • Access to record acoustically in the Santa Cristina Monastery in Galicia, Spain



See here the Wapapura technical rider