ribeira sacra

Gathering by the Sacred Riverside

Ribeira Sacra, Galicia

The 4 musical elements:

Davide Salvado (Galicia, Spain)

Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Miguel Hiroshi (Alpujarra, Spain)

David Rothenberg (New Jersey, USA)


There are places on the planet that have such a strong natural resonance that they attract tones of respect and graceful contemplation. They ask people with their sheer natural grandeur to exist in harmony with the surroundings and create places of deep reflection through song and prayer.

In deep interior Galicia, northwestern Spain, there is such a place that goes by the name of the Sacred Riverside, La Ribeira Sacra.

An area of steep river canyons covered in dense native forests and ancient terraced vineyards known worldwide for its artisanal wines.

Hidden amongst a chestnut forest on the banks of the Rio Sil, there exists a monastery whose first origins are lost in time, but the current structure dates to over a thousand years old.

It is from this monastery that we will broadcast our last stream of this summer tour. A tour that ends with the changing of the leaves and the coming of the northern winds pushing us home to Granada.

For this stream we unite 4 musicians from the 4 directions. In front of an international audience of music producers here in Galicia to assist the World Music conference, WOMEX.

All traveling to this green wonderland to make the walls of this temple resonate with music as it was created for by the Benedictine monks so many centuries ago. But this time, we send this musical resonance out to the whole world live with our satellite dish positioned at the bell tower.