Eulian and Chef Martin Goldman

Ecopangea, Valverde de la Vera

With this stream we finally brought to front stage the hidden element of Wapapura events. Great food! Those that have been present at a Wapapura event, know it is not just about great music and amazing nature. But there is always great food to keep us in tune.

So, for this stream there are three active elements: the music, the space and the food.

The Music:
Eulian is a group of 4 musicians that came together from different musical styles to unite in the exploration of musical traditions of the Atlantic region of Spain. Their music celebrates the process of collaborative composition inspired in the Celtic roots of this peninsula using the accordion, the flute, the violin, and the guitar.

The Space:
An ancient stone circle located on the grounds of an environmentally conscious accommodation.  Ecopangea is located in Valverde de la Vera, Extremadura, Spain, and offers cozy circular cabins with living roofs hidden within autochthonous oak forests.  All powered by solar energy. The origin of the stone circle is unkown, but is believed to possibly date back to the celtic ancestors that once inhabited this region.

The Food:
Chef Martin Goldman of the restaurant, Baraka in Villanueva de la Vera uses local produce to treat us with a cooking demonstration utilizing microbiotic principles.  He will be cooking live with the music of Eulian inspiring his food craft.  An amazing coincidence under the last full moon brought our paths together after 5 years of having lost contact.  We are honored and excited to have had Martin inaugurate this culinary element to our live streams.



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