El Tamborero Embrujao & Guacamayo Tropical

El Tamborero Embrujao & Guacamayo Tropical

El Cielo de la Vera

Alvaro Llerena Martínez is the son of the legendary voice and force of nature, Petrona Martínez.  A family that carries forward the ancient Afrocolombian traditions of northern Colombia.  Musical traditions that emanate from rhythms and melodic frequencies that reach deep into the ancestry of west coastal Africa.  Traditions that were displaced by human trafficking from Africa to the Caribbean coast of Colombia.  The music we now hear from this region connects us with some of our deepest musical ancestors.  Coloured with layers of suffering, adaptation, and evolution without loosing direct sight of the essential roots.

Currently based in Madrid, we were honoured to have Alvaro travel out to the mountains of northern Extremadura to where Wapapura is located this summer.  The stream took place at a rural center for spiritual growth, El Cielo de la Vera.

And if that wasnt enough! We also have the DJ collective Guacamayo Tropical that traveled with Alvaro and his musicians to offer us a set to take it to the next level.  Ancestral tropical rhythms mixed with electronic bases to make your hips shake and spirits boogie no matter where you are on this Great ball of Life!

We would like to thank Fer from El Cielo de la Vera for hosting this event and offering the world this space:


El Tamborero Embrujao

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Guacamayo Tropical

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