Rueda medicinal

Milo Ke Mandarini + Baldosa Flotante = Transeuntes

Rueda Medicinal, Gredos

Hidden on a plateau, there is a secret stone medicine wheel overlooking the high hills of the southern valleys of the Sierra de Gredos.  A perfect setting to offer music to the great ball of fire we spin around.  A musical offering to the Sun at its most expressive moments here on Earth.  Sunset and Sunrise.

This event is two streams connected by the Sun and separated by the night.  Two bands that played separately at sunset and then together as one at sunrise.

Sunset Session:

Milo Ke Mandarini —  a duo made up by musicians from Toledo, Spain.  Carlos Ramirez and Isabel Martin.  Born out of a mutual interest in traditional Mediterranean music and fuelled by their investigations and travels through Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey.  Their music connects us to these ancient styles with respect and sensitivity.  Never forgetting the true identity and authentic hues of these modal traditions, but allowing for their own voices to offer fresh, newly coloured interpretations.

La Baldosa Flotante — A musical expression that reflects the life journey of David Larrínaga.  A constant mutation and exploration that grows and evolves with other musicians, other musical forms and the environments he passes through on his way from here to everywhere.  A strange breed of singer-songwriter that drinks from ancient wells and mountain trails that pass through the Andes, Mongolia and India.  With no anchor, the music explores different directions depending on the winds and currents, inviting the listener to follow him on a journey of the moment.  Joined on this occasion by Sandra Casares, who will offer textures with her traditional Turkish music therapy healing techniques.

Sunrise Session:

Los Transeuntes — The union of these two groups came together with the rising Sun.   Inviting you to explore the dance of elements in the medicine wheel.  Within the cycles of movement and repose, of day and night, the spell of their circular musical session offered those present, presents in the presence.

Baldosa Flotante / Milo Ke Mandarini

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